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30th-Oct-2011 11:17 am - Awww...
Bandon, Oregon
Thanks for the cute little spider, cafedemonde.  
27th-Aug-2011 04:27 pm - And I've fallen behind...again!
Bandon, Oregon
It's been a busy couple of weeks!  Last week I took a long weekend and went to Grayland, WA (on the coast) for a friend's wedding.  I decided that since i was going to head out that way, I might as well make it a long weekend (which I *so* badly needed).

I spent the weekend at a motel (think the Bates Motel, but with much more pleasant managers).  The up side?  It was $100/night and was right on the beach.  Oh, and it had a cool kind of jacuzzi tub.  

The wedding went of well, and I had a lot of spare time to sit on the beach, swim, and visit a local arts festival.  And get sunburned.  Ugh.  My back is STILL itching.  This is one of the few times I wish I had a significant other - so that someone would be able to spread lotion on my back.  It's been driving me crazy, and it's been over a week now!!

Then it was back to work on Monday, and back into the stress.  We're being audited and I have been pulling tons and tons of paperwork and copying it for the accountants.  In the meantime, my "regular" work is not getting done.  I know I should stay late and just get it done, but <insert whining voice here> I don't want to!!  I did make it through the week though, and the accountant says that he thinks things went fairly well.  There's just one issue they are having with our non-billable expenses, and he's hopeful he can sell the agent on why the amounts are what they are.

So, this weekend I'm staying home and enjoying my two days, still trying to get through S2 of Glee, and getting caught up on Torchwood.  And then I discovered the Doctor Who marathon, followed by New Who, which made me happy.  I had no idea it was coming along so quickly.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends, too.  Oh, and there's no way I'm going to be able to go back and get through all the posts I missed.  I made a try at it (probably got the last 2 or 3 days) but if you've posted something you think I might be interested in, just let me know.
6th-Aug-2011 02:43 pm - Torchwood
Bandon, Oregon
 Okay, I'm up to episode 3 now and I am liking it a better better.  It's like dragonydreams says, you have to look at it as a separate show from the original Torchwood, but it still has merits of its own.  But I still miss the humor of the earlier days.
3rd-Aug-2011 06:18 pm - Hi all :-)
Bandon, Oregon
Quick question - 

Does anyone remember where to find the instructions for putting a picture in your header with a basic or plus account?  The gals I'm going to Greece with are creating LJ accounts so that we can blog about our prep and of course the actual trip, but I can't remember how to put the header image on the formats.  The wonderful rua1412 has been putting this journal together for so long that I've forgotten how to do it by myself.  
30th-Jul-2011 06:43 pm - Aaah. Finally.
Bandon, Oregon
 I tried to post the other day and couldn't get it to work.  I was never sure whether it was my internet connection (which can be wonky) or LJ.  Well, judging from what everyone else is saying, it must have been LJ.  I'm glad it's back.  ::hugs LJ::  

Had a busy week - mom visited and we ate our way from one side of the county to the other.  Had some really awesome meals and a very nice time.  I wish she could move up here NOW but she's waiting for her mother to pass.  It's sad - I have only one grandparent left now (my other grandmother died about a month ago), and she's the least cognizant of them all.  

Hmmm...what else?  Well, mom and I saw the last HP movie, but we didn't get to see it in 3D which is kind of a bummer.  We also saw Bridesmaids, which was a lot of fun.  I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater.  It's truly been ages.  Now everyone tells me I need to see Terrible Bosses.  Considering my love/hate relationship with my own bosses, that's probably a good idea  :-)

The Greece girls (the ones I'm hoping to go to Greece with) will be meeting again in September for yummies and planning.  I am looking forward to seeing them again.  All 3 have kids that are around senior year in high school and they are very active in their kids' lives, so it's been sort of difficult for us to plan a get-together.

Okay, I've blathered on enough, LOL.  Off to catch up on Torchwood.  I've missed a lot of TV while mom was here.
16th-Jul-2011 10:54 am - This and that...
Bandon, Oregon
 Well, Haven is back and I am loving it.  If you haven't seen it, give it a chance.

Haven't see the new HP yet.  I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.  Maybe next week when mom is up.

This weekend will be full of cleaning (in honor of the afore-mentioned mom visit).  I'll probably get some reading done too.  I'm a good third of the way through Rick Steves' Greece book, and am very surprised by how affordable the hotels are, compared to what they cost in Italy and London.  That's a good thing!

If anyone has been to Athens or any of the Greek Isles, tell me what you thought about what you saw - I'd love to hear it.

My grandmother passed away on Monday night.  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and their kindness.  She was 97 and had lived a very long life, and during the last year or two she really didn't have much quality of life, so we are all glad that she was able to go on to whatever is next.

Regarding the Netflix thing - is it true that if you don't have anything but the streaming, your price won't change?  It's looking like that, from what I can see.  That is all I have, and I haven't received an email from them, so maybe that is why.

How is everyone's weekend going? 
16th-Jul-2011 10:24 am - Thank you Carla...
Bandon, Oregon
for the chocolate userhead.  I am feeling very crave-y for chocolate now.  I guess I will have to get my act together soon and venture out and look for some lunch.  And maybe chocolate  :-)
11th-Jul-2011 06:35 pm - Ugh. Guh. Grunt.
Bandon, Oregon
 Just got back from the dentist.  One phrase I hope I'll never hear again?  "The decay looks deeper than I thought.  We may need to do a root canal and a crown on this one."  Yeah.  Luckily it turned out to be not as bad as he thought.  Still...scared the crap out of me.

I was supposed to hang out with dad and Shirley this weekend, but they've had to rush down to Oregon to be with my grandmother.  She is having problems again and they don't think she'll last through the night.  I am glad he is with her, and I hope that she will slip away quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Getting together with the gals Wednesday night to have a planning session for Greece.  I can't wait!
9th-Jul-2011 06:35 pm - The problem with Torchwood
Bandon, Oregon
 I think I finally figured it out.  I have tried to like the two most recent incarnations of Torchwood.  Really I have.  After all, it's Captain Jack.  What's not to like, right?
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9th-Jul-2011 06:15 pm - Thanks!
Bandon, Oregon
 to Femail for the lovely basket of goodies.  My only regret is that they're not real, as I am hungry but too lazy to go out and get anything.  Typical me, LOL.
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